What is the Best Timer for Your Lawn Sprinkler System?

An irrigation timer can be a great way to automate your sprinkler system and make it easier to manage your irrigation program. Sprinkler timers are devices that can turn on and off the sprinkler system based on an efficient irrigation program, saving you the hassle of manually turning it on and off. You can set the system to water your patio or garden in the early hours of the morning or several times during the day. Most timers are digital, but some people still use mechanical timers. Digital timers use electronic circuits to operate the system, while mechanical timers use metal gears and pins.

Designed to control up to 12 sprinkler stations, this Orbit sprinkler timer is perfect for those with a lot of grass to maintain. These practical devices will manage your irrigation system for you, ensuring that your lawn always gets the hydration it needs. Mechanical irrigation timers are a type of sprinkler timer that uses a series of gears and paddles to open and close the valve, which in turn controls the flow of water to the sprinklers. Slide the selector switch to the “Automatic” position so that the system turns the sprinklers on and off as desired. The iPhone app also allows you to control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world, as well as monitor the system for any problems.

However, if you want a little more customization and control and you already have an irrigation system configured to connect, you can opt for a dedicated sprinkler controller. Some irrigation systems have separate sprinkler lines for different parts of the yard, such as one for the front lawn, another for the flower garden, and another for the orchard. By contrast, automatic sprinkler systems need electricity to operate, especially timers or irrigation controllers. Insert the brass pin into a hole in the large yellow sphere next to the time you want the sprinkler system to start watering. Sprinkler timers are a great addition to your irrigation system because they help deliver the right amount of water to your plants.Meanwhile, mechanical sprinklers rely on a system of gears and cams that work to open and close the valves depending on their position.

Your digital sprinkler timer is now set and will automatically water your lawn or garden based on the schedule you've created. These handy sprinkler timers allow you to set up an automatic watering program that does most of the work for you and eliminates the hassle of manually turning it on and off every day.

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