How to Choose the Right Sensors for Your Lawn Sprinkler System

With capacitance sensors, it's easy to connect the device and get readings on your phone, tablet, or laptop without being physically present on site. Farmers can tell if crops need water with these inexpensive and easy to install sensors, which require little maintenance and provide accurate results. Perfect for an irrigation system, flow sensors or flow meters track any signs of excess water circulating through the system. If there is a malfunction of the irrigation system and not enough water is needed for crops, this sensor will stop it and send an alert to the person managing the water.

This will prevent any further damage and report the problem to the person in charge. Precision irrigation is key to applying the right amount of water to the soil, and rain sensors are some of the first irrigation sensors used. After detecting rain, these sensors will stop the next irrigation cycle, allowing farmers to significantly reduce water use. There are several types of rain sensors, but those that rely on a cup to be filled with a certain amount of water are not reliable.

Newer rain sensors work with discs that expand when they get wet, operating the switch and stopping the irrigation cycle until they dry again. Freezing sensors are usually part of rain or soil moisture sensors and stop irrigation when the temperature drops below 32°F.Installing weather sensors in your lawn sprinkler system is an easy way to ensure that your garden is properly watered without wasting water. The Rain Bird RSD Series rain sensor automatically shuts off the sprinkler system when it rains, so you don't have to worry when you're at home or away. By connecting sensors to the system controller, you can allow it to automatically determine how long it should water and at optimal times to reduce evaporation and waste caused by rain, wind, moisture, and soil moisture in real time. Everything you ever wanted for your sprinkler system can be achieved with help from Sprinkler Warehouse.

Have us give you your Rain Bird wireless rain sensor for a sprinkler system or any other type of sensor to make your garden look lush and beautiful for many years to come.

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