Does Installing a Sprinkler System Ruin Your Yard? - A Guide for Homeowners

It may seem counterintuitive to uproot the grass just to install an irrigation system intended to make the grass look great. But with modern technology and efficient designs, you can enjoy a healthy lawn without sacrificing your time or money. Installing a sprinkler system doesn't have to mean tearing up your yard. If you opt for the trencher, you'll need to wait between 4 and 8 weeks for new grass to grow on the lines you buried.

If you choose the plow method, you should be close to normal in 7 to 10 days, but you'll still be able to tell. To install the lawn sprinkler system, all you need to do is dig small two- to three-inch grooves in the grass to place the pipes. Thanks to its slim design, it stays hidden and is permanent, so it lasts all year round without needing replacement parts. This ingenious and innovative lawn sprinkler system is efficient, simple and easy to use: the perfect tool for the job. If you're a busy professional or don't have time to remember turning on the sprinkler system, you can add a controller to your system to improve efficiency.

Water sprinkler systems are designed to prevent water waste by distributing only the minimum amount of water needed to hydrate the plant without wasting water on non-essential areas, such as sidewalks or gutters. Ground Source installers leave the grass with as little damage as possible due to the installation of sprinklers. While some people are worried about the costs associated with sprinkler systems and others are concerned about their efficiency, modern systems can save homeowners time and money while helping maintain a perfect lawn without wasting valuable resources. Some sprinkler systems even allow users to adjust their settings over the Internet for maximum control and customization. In these cases, they may worry about their sprinkler systems operating when they're not present to monitor them. A self-made lawn sprinkler system releases a precise amount of water to exact areas of the garden. If you're ready to ditch your oscillating plastic garden sprinklers and enjoy a healthier lawn with less effort, call Conserva Irrigation of North Atlanta today at (67) 921-3684 for a consultation on installing an irrigation system. Installing an irrigation system will inevitably disrupt your lawn.

Keep this in mind when scheduling the installation date. With modern technology and efficient designs, you can enjoy a healthy lawn without sacrificing your time or money. Plus, with controllers and remote access options, you can rest assured that your lawn is getting just enough water without wasting any resources.

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